[Source: Paul Wright]

Notes: The Shrewsbury & Birmingham Railway opened a locomotive depot at abbey Foregate on 1 June 1849. It was located to the south of the main line and was a two road shed.

The shed was absorbed into the Great Western Railway on 1 September 1854 and closed around 1865. It was removed shortly after closure.

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The Shrewsbury & Birmingham Railway locomotive shed at Abbey Foregate seen in the early 1860s. In the foreground is former shrewsbury & Hereford Railway locomotive number 219. In the background can be seen the depot offices. They continued to stand after the shed was removed and could be be seen on later maps.
Copyright photo from the Roger Griffiths collection

The site of the Shrewsbury & Birmingham Railway locomotive depot shown on a six-inch map from 1881. The shed had been demolished but the depot offices were still standing and can be seen above the arrow. On the other side of the line is the two road Shropshire Union Railway shed that stood opposite the Shrewsbury & Birmingham Railway depot building. The Shropshire Union shed opened at the same time as the Shrewsbury & Birmingham facility and it was worked by the LNWR. It closed the depot in 1877. It then became a wagon shop and survived until about 1902.




[Source: Paul Wright]

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