All photos by John Walls - April 2013

Aerial view of Coronation works. The course of the railway line is seen on the right with Ashdon Road running across the bottom. Acrow Halt is just north of the Ashdon Road bridge but is too heavily overgrown to be seen in this picture.

The junction where Acrow's siding left the main line is seen on on the right Taken from the main line trackbed facing Acrow Halt, which out of sight & about 600 yards away around a bend to
the right in the far distance.

Taken from main line trackbed showing start of siding incline on the right which lead
up to the Acrow works.

Facing Bartlow direction showing junction of siding (on left) and main line. A gate post and remains of the gate protecting the entrance to Acrow sidings is just by the corrugated iron on the left.

Close up of gate post and remains of the gate that used to protect the entrance to Acrow sidings at the point where they diverged from the main line.

. Looking towards building 6 from the junction where sidings 1 & 2 diverged. Siding 1 went to the left and siding 2 headed towards the gap to the right of building 6 which can just be seen in the background. Siding 3 then diverged from siding 2 to the right beyond the skeletal framework in the
middle of the picture.

Opposite direction to the picture above showing the start of the incline down to the main line which is in a shallow cutting at a lower level just visible to the right of the tree on the right. Facing the down (Bartlow) direction.

Siding 1 loading dock at the back of building 6. The main line is in a shallow cutting to the left at a much lower level. Picture facing back towards Acrow Halt and the works.

Looking towards the incline down to the main line. Building 6 on the right was also rail served on both sides and a small portion of siding 2 is still in position from the far edge of the concrete leading up to the ramp which is a later addition. The grassy mound behind the cars is also a later addition as it is blocking the former trackbed of sidings 2 & 3.

Siding 3 entering building 3. The entrance to Acrow Halt is on the left immediately behind the single storey building (10) in the distance.

Close up of siding 3, building 3 entrance. There is a weighbridge just behind the pile of pallets.

These (above and below) show building 6 on the right and  the remaining small length of siding 2 and the course of sidings 2 & 3 towards the incline down to the main line. There would have been a set of points in front of the concrete apron. The grassy bank is blocking the trackbed. Siding 1 was on the other side of building 6 and appeared to have been
much shorter in length than siding 2.

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