Station Name: ASH GREEN HALT

[Source: Nick Catford and (History) Peter A. Harding]

Ash Green Halt Gallery 2: c1960 - April 2015

Ash Green station house c1960. When Ash Green was downgraded to a halt, the booking office was taken out of use. Passengers continued to use he covered stairway seen here to reach the disused up platform. They then had to cross the line using a timbered crossing at the bottom of the stairs.
Photo from John Mann collection

A goods train hauled by a Q1 class 0-6-0 bound for Tongham is seen at Ash Green Halt in December 1960. The station closed completely at the end of December that year. In its last years most trains were hauled by Q1s. 33019 was withdrawn from Guildford shed at the end of 1963.
Photo from John Mann collection.

Ash Green Halt looking east from White Lane bridge in October 1967. Once the track was lifted and the ballast removed nature was quick to take over.
Photo by Nick Catford

Ash Green Halt looking east towards Ash Junction in October 1967.
Photo by Nick Catford

Ash Green Halt building seen from the down platform in July 1975
Photo by Nick Catford

Ash Green station house and covered stairway in June 1977.
Photo by Alan Young

Ash Greeen Halt looking west from the down platform in June 1977. The station building has been in continuous occupation and remains in good condition and largely unaltered to this day. The entrance to the booking office was through the double-doors at the bottom of the stairs.
Photo by Alan Young

Looking east at Ash Green Halt and on towards Ash Junction in May 1983.
Photo by Nick Catford

Ash Green station forecourt seen from White Street in May 2003. Note the Ash Green Southern Raiilway target sign that has been fixed to the timber garage. A broken Southern Railway cast iron trespass sign is seen in the foreground.
Photo by Tim Grose

Ash Green Halt looking east in May 2003.
Photo by Tim Grose

The upper level of the Ash Green station building in August 2012. The Southern Railway target sign has now been moved to a position above the door of the gabled entrance.
Photo by Rob Davidson

Looking east towards Ash Green Halt in February 2013.
Photo by Hec Tate from his Flickr phototream

Looking east from White Street bridge in April 2015. The footpath runs to Drovers Way bridge which is seen in the distance. Beyond that an unofficial footpath runs to Ash Junction.
Photo by Nick Catford




[Source: Nick Catford & Peter A. Harding)

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