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Commemorative set of 6 postcard
Barnoldswick - Earby Railway produced
for the 30th Anniversary of Closure in 1995
£1.75 per set


Available from Robin Higgins
19 Sycamore Way
BB18 5RA

A Barnoldswick railway enthusiast, who used to travel on the school train from Barnoldswick over 30 years ago, has produced a commemorative set of six colour postcards for the 30th anniversary of the closure of the branch to passenger trains.

On Saturday 25th September 1965 the last train pulled out of Barnoldswick, and Robin Higgins recorded the event on film. Now six evocative scenes from those far off days are available as a special limited edition set of postcards at £1.75. Each packet is numbered, and collectors are expected to snap them up. The cards are published by the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Preservation Society and are numbered 289 - 294 in the series which began in 1968. Robin is in charge of publishing postcards for the Worth Valley and believes this is the biggest collection available from any of the steam railways.

The set shows:

289 (PC05) - the train in Barnoldswick station with the locomotive taking water, and the unique cross-bar signal protecting the level crossing. Porter Ezra Fish is seen in characteristic pose with cigarette in mouth.

290 (PC03) - the train at Barnoldswick with the fireman handing over the metal" train staff and key" to the signalman as it leaves the single line.

291 (PC02) the Pull and Push train crossing the iron bridge over the canal between Salterforth and Barnoldswick

292 (PC04) the very last train in Earby station with station master Mr. R. Lemon about to wave it away. Robin asks if anyone can identify the driver and fireman.

293 (PC06) Barnoldswick station buildings, with the original "core" booking office built in 1870 by the Barnoldswick Railway Company, and the later wooden buildings added at intervals by the Midland Railway.

294 (PC01) the 8-19 train pulling out of Barnoldswick in the last months of service, the picture being taken from Rainhall Rd. bridge by Colne enthusiast, Stuart James, a friend of Robins. All the other 5 pictures were taken by Robin.

Editor's note: These photographs were first advertised for sale in 1995 at £1.75 for the set of 6. Robin is still prepared to sell them at the same price. If you feel they are worth more than that please feel free to send more.

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