Station Name: BARTLOW
(Saffron Walden Branch Platform)

The siding was located about ¾ mile south of Bartlow, just north of bridge 2126*, and is shown on the 1897 1:2,500 OS map above. Usually referred to as 'Brick Siding', it was sometimes known as 'Slater's Siding'*. The brickworks the siding served predated the railway and is known to have been in existence as early as 1848. Despite its proximity to Bartlow, it was known variously as Ashdon Brickworks or Ashdon Brick Pit. The precise location was grid reference: TL 581 438. The siding was accessed via points trailing in the down direction and there was a ground frame placed, presumably according to the above map, in a hut situated to the east of the running line. It is not entirely clear when the siding was constructed but seems to have been c1870. The brickworks ceased production sometime in the early 20th century after which the siding was used by farmers. The siding disappeared entirely c1930. Today, no trace remains of the brickworks, pit or siding. *Notes on Slater's Siding and bridge 2126. There is some confusion around Slater's Siding and Brick Siding. GER records from 1869 make several mentions of the siding, largely concerning its cost (£170), and it is referred to as a siding for "Mr Slater's Farm". This and 'Brick' siding appear to be one and the same. It therefore seems the siding began life for farm traffic, was also, or later, used for the brickworks, then reverted to farm use and the brickworks was built upon Mr Slater's land if not owned by him. Bridge 2126 is sometimes confusingly referred to as 'Ashdon Road' whereas the 'real' Ashdon Road bridge, No.2120, was situated on the outskirts of Saffron Walden. Bridge 2126, which still stands at the time of writing, is at a remote location on a track, leading from Ashdon Road to its south-east, which having crossed the railway split to run north towards Bartlow or westwards to join Bowser's Lane and the B1052 road south of Hadstock.

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