[Source: Nick Catford]

1926 1:2,500 OS shows the layout of Bedford St Johns station and goods yard. The yard was built alongside the branch to the River Ouse Navigation; this is seen running off the edge of the map on the left. The yard had a range of facilities including two large goods sheds. The original shed is seen on the east side of the River Ouse branch with the yard 10-ton capacity crane on the south side of the shed. The second shed and the siding running diagonally across the yard came later. To the north of the first goods shed there is a siding at right angles requiring the use of turnplates so that individual wagons could be turned and pushed into the siding. This served Franklin's wagon repair shed and the cattle dock and pens. The entrance to the yard in Melbourne Street with a weighbridge (WM) is shown inside the entrance. The building to the east of the weighbridge is a stable. Numerous private sidings are seen. Immediately north of the triangle a siding ran into St Leonards saw mill. To the west of the River Ouse branch sidings served the malthouses of Whittaker’s Brewery. To the east of Bedford station a siding ran into the Stirling engineering works. On the west side of the station further sidings ran behind the up platform, the two southernmost serving the works of B. Ward & Co.

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