Station Name: BOTLEY
Station still open but included for completeness

[Source: Nick Catford]

1909 1:2,500 OS map shows substantial changes and additions. The goods yard has been expanded with two new parallel sidings running along the south side of the dock. There is also a down siding running for a short distance along the Bishops Waltham branch. A crane (Cr) is identified in the yard standing on the dock close to the goods shed. The rectangle to the left of the goods shed is a livestock pen. The waiting room with a canopy is now shown on the west side of the main station building; this was built in 1884. A small building has appeared on the approach road, just to the west of the station building; that is a fruit traffic office. Beyond this building, the road into the yard has been widened; this was done in 1892 to stop bottlenecks in the strawberry season. A footbridge now spans the two platforms; this was also built in 1884. A signal box, built in 1873, is seen at the west end of the down platform. 'LB' beside the station building indicates a post box, probably wall mounted. 'Dr Fn' at the top of the approach road is a drinking fountain. This was combined with a horse trough and is seen in one of the pictures below.

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