Station Name: BOW ROAD

[Source: Nick Catford]

1895 1:1056 OS Town Plan clearly shows the layout of the third station at Bow Road. The street level booking office is on the east side of the bridge. From its rear, steps lead up to the up platform and through a subway to the down platform. The two platform buildings are slightly offset from each other with the signal box immediately north of the down platform building. The room layout of the platform buildings is clearly seen with the gents' toilet at the north end of both buildings. The sharp curve of the platforms is apparent. Shading indicates that the awnings covered the full length and width of the platforms. At the north end of the station further stairs lead down to a subway. The building to the right of the up platform stairs is the exchange booking office. A covered walkway leads to Bow station, part of which is seen on the far right. There is a crossover at the south end of the stations. The buildings from the previous station are seen on the south side of Bow Road.

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