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Bradley Fold Junction was created on 1 December 1879 when the Radcliffe South Junction – Bradley Fold line of the LYR opened creating a connection to the Bury – Bolton line of 20 November 1848.

To control the junction a signal box, called Bradley Fold Junction, was provided. It was located on the down side of the line. The box controlled the Radcliffe line towards the next box which was at Radcliffe West Junction. It also controlled the main line westwards towards Bradley Fold station and eastwards towards Bury.

In 1902 the signal box was replaced with an LYR Size 6 brick base and timber upper cabin structure. Like its predecessor it was located on the down side of the line but further to the east. It was equipped with a 28-lever LYR frame. It controlled the same sections of line as the 1879 box but from 1908 its flanking box to the west became Bradley Fold East.

The line to Radcliffe closed on 2 November 1964 reducing the importance of the box. It remained open, however, until 17 May 1967 controlling only the main line.

Bradley Fold Junction shown on a 6-inch scale map from 1890. The original signal box is shown on the down side of the line close to the road overbridge.

On this 25-inch scale map from 1908 the LYR Size 6 box of 1902 is shown. It is located further east than the original. The original box appears to be extant as a building is shown at its location. It could however be a lineside hut that was built on the signal box site.

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