Station Name: BRITANNIA

[Source: Alan Young]

This is a rare photograph of a passenger train working the Facit Branch before it closed. It was taken in June 1947, the month in which passenger services were withdrawn from the line.  LMS No.194,a Stanier 2-6-2T, is hauling a 3-coach train from Bacup and is about to pass the disused station at Britannia; the view is from the bridge from which the station, directly behind the photographer, was entered. The same train was photographed by W A Camwell crossing Healey Dell Viaduct south of Shawclough & Healey station. Beulah Methodist church is the prominent building in the background. Bacup shed had a small allocation of these Stanier 2-6-2T locomotives for use on the line; when passenger services finished they were moved away, largely to Southport. The loco was classified 3P, meaning Class 3 Passenger. Withdrawals began quite early and the class became extinct during 1962 and none survived. No.194 became BR No.40194 and lasted until October 1961 when withdrawn from 27C, Southport shed. In July 1962 she was cut up by the Central Wagon Co, Ince, Wigan.
Photo by W A Camwell

The viewpoint at Britannia is similar to that used by W A Camwell in 1947 (above) when he photographed a passenger train approaching the site of Britannia station. This is the scene in January 2016, looking west from the former railway bridge. The building of Beulah Methodist church is seen on both photographs, although it is no longer a place of worship and has been converted into flats. The chimney of the former Britannia cotton mill is also visible. The footwear and textiles tradition of Rossendale is kept alive here as the mill building is used by the Lancashire Sock Manufacturing Company, Click here to returm to previous page.
Photo by Alan Young

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