Station Name: BROAD STREET


[Source: Nick Catford]

Broad Street station on 5 October 1963 the day of the Wandering 1500 Railtour. This Stanier Class 5 (aka Black Five) did not haul the tour. The headcode for the tour was 1X69. The Class 5, it is carrying headcode 3X69 and '3' is the code for empty coaching stock. In other words, the Class 5 is waiting, later in the day, to return the empty stock from the railtour. The B12 that hauled the tour would have run tender-first light engine to Broad Street to couple onto the train and then run light to wherever it was shedded (probably Stratford) tender-first following its return. Similarly the Class 5 has also run light to Broad Street tender-first.
Copyright photo by Mike Morant

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