Station Name: BROADWAY

[Source: Jo Roesen]

1923 1:2,500 OS map. The station is on the north-west side of Station Road with two facing platform spanned by a footbridge. Immediately north of the down side a single siding serves a horse dock. The large goods yard is on the south-east side of Station Road with a weighbridge (WM) and office just inside the entrance to the yard. There is a single siding on the up side with five sidings on two levels on the down side. One sidings runs alogside the goods shed (incorrectly identified as an engine shed) while another siding loops through it passing alongside the cattle dock and pens. Three parrallel sidings at a lower level terminate close to the weighbridge. The 6-ton capacity yard crane is seen between these sidings. The coal yard was located on the south side of the goods yard. The signal box is on the down side immediately south of the bridge.

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