1st site - also known as THORNEYBANK

[Source: Alan Young]

Burnley Manchester Road station is shown here only three years after it opened as the terminus of the ‘Burnley Branch’ from Todmorden (1848). The station was also known as Thorneybank. The platform is shown on the up side together with the substantial station building; the platform line appears to end at the road bridge. The double-track route was extended in 1850 north-westwards to Rose Grove on the Preston-Colne line, as seen on this map, but no second platform is marked. An engine shed is located on a siding on the down side, south-east of the station. Extensive goods facilities have been installed, including a goods shed (‘Goods Station’) aligned perpendicularly to the running lines, and a warehouse is shown adjacent to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, at the end of a long loop. Much use is made of turntables in the goods yard, enabling wagons to be turned at 90° rather than having to negotiate longer sidings with short-radius curves; it was essentially a space-saving device. Access to the weighing machine is gained via wagon turntables.

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