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[Source: Darren Kitson]

Part 12: Acknowledgements, Sources and References

A number of private individuals willingly gave consent for the use of images from their own or purchased collections and in some cases kindly volunteered additional information. To these people we are extremely grateful as without images this feature would have proved extremely difficult to produce. Their images are credited accordingly. Flickr has a vast range of images depicting railways and trains in and around Cambridge, a selection of which have been reproduced, with permission, in this feature. Thanks as always to Michael Stewart for supplying tickets from his extensive collection.

Numerous images have also been made available by Wikimedia Commons and Geograph under Creative Commons Licence, while others are available under the same licence from the National Railway Museum and Science & Society Picture Library. The latter has been extremely helpful with regard to images and other information not so readily available.

Special thanks must go to the staff at The Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central Library, who went out of their way to locate certain images and printed documents, some of which were at one point thought lost.

Colour-Rail have also been very helpful in providing certain images otherwise not available. Their website is well worth a look and there are also a number of non rail images.

Other Websites, Organisations and Companies:

Printed Publications:

In addition, countless references have been made to railway periodicals, timetables, handbills, locospotters notes, Ian Allan pocket books, traction stock lists and so on.

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[Source: Darren Kitson]

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