[Source: Nick Catford]

A further view of No.31308 with Maunsell push_and-pull set, probably No.610, at Chevening in September 1961. This three-quarter view shows details of the push-and-pull fitted Class H tanks quite well, including the flexible piping on the front (for steam heating, vacuum and air), the pipework along the running plate and the instantly recognisable Wainwright smokebox and cab. In the right background the steps down from the road and the superfluous bridge span provided for potential double-track can be seen. Had the branch later been doubled, or a loop provided at Chevening, the photographer would have been just about standing on the down track. As explained elsewhere, provision for double-track was almost the norm on British branch lines and dates back to the early days of railways when many lines were built as single-track but later required doubling but in the case of what could be called 'dead end' branch lines, such as the Westerham branch, the provision was seldom, if ever, required.
Photo from John Mann collection

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