Station Name: CLARE

[Source: Nick Catford]

The west end of Clare goods yard in April 1953, One siding passes through the goods shed and splits into two sidings on the west side of the shed loaded coal wagons are seen here. Another siding passes in front of the shed. The small building at the west end of the shed was the goods clerk's office. The 1 ton 10 cwt yard crane is seen at the east end of the shed. Out of view on the north face of the shed there are two large opening accessed by a raised platform for loading goods from road vehicles. The main entrance to the yard was from the station forecourt but there was also a secondary entrance onto Malting Lane which is seen on the left. Clare Castle motte and the remains of the keep are seen at the top of the picture. The main entrance to Clare station and goods yard is along Station Road which is seen coming in from the north. Turning right into the goods yard there is a weighbridge and an adjacent weigh office. To the west of the main station building the cattle dock is seen with sidings running both sides. Cattle pens are seen at the west end of the dock. The 'H' shaped station building is seen with a canopy between the two end wings partially filled in with wooden panels. The down side waiting shelter can be made out on the other platform. To the east of the station building the Clare signal box is seen on the platform. Clare coal yard is at the east end of the station and comprises a single siding; seen here in April 1953 with loaded coal wagons and coal bins to the rear. Two large wooden storage sheds are also seen. Within a few years these sheds would be demolished and the siding realigned.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd

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