[Source: Paul Wright]

Clock Face Station 'up' (St Helens direction) platform seen looking north in 1900. The down platform was on the other side of the bridge.
Photo reproduced by permission of St. Helens MBC Libraries, Local History & Archives Section

The site of Clock Face Station 'up' (St Helens direction) platform looking south in February 1973 . A diverted Liverpool to Newcastle passenger train is seen heading north through the station site. To the right of the first coach can be seen a dark coloured sign. The 'up' platform was located between the photographer and the sign.
hoto by Bevan Price

Access to the 'down' (Widnes Direction) platform at Clock Face was through a gateway on the east side of the bridge and then down steps. The site of gateway although bricked up can clearly be seen at the top of the steps.
Photo by John Mann

The site of Clock Face station looking north in May 2005. The station was in a cutting at this point which was filled in-filled in 1991. The 'up' (St Helens direction) platform was located to the right of the yellow bus shelter. The 'down' (Widnes direction) platform was to the left of the tall trees seen in the background.
hoto by Paul Wright

Looking south towards the site of the 'up' platform at Clock Face in July 2012 from a possition similar to the 1973 picture above.
Photo by Terry Callaghan




[Source: Paul Wright]

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