Station Name: CONSETT


[Source: Roy Lambeth]

Just over the summit we get to the bridge over Knitsley Lane and beyond that can be seen the abandoned connection to the Fell Coke Works. This led to long sidings that could store coal and coke from the mainline before being processed in the Fell Coke Works or being taken directly to the coke drops via the connecting line seen previously. The line descending the bank at 1 in 71 can be seen clearly in this view. Finished products would have to climb this bank to escape the lower yard below. Originally however the line was built to continue straight on to Hownes Gill and the industry beyond with the steelworks being a siding, albeit an important one, off the straight route. The straight route allowed trains to be hauled up by Carr House Engine formerly located on the Consett Station site before locomotive became strong enough to climb the bank. March 1984.
Photo by Mark Smith

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