[Source: Nick Catford]

Coulsdon North engine shed in May 1925 shortly after the overhead power lines were provided. Overhead power was short lived arriving at Coulsdon North; within a few years it had been replaced with a conductor rail electrification system. 595 and 1 were LBSC I1 class locos designed by D. E. Marsh for suburban passenger service and twenty locomotives were constructed by Brighton works between June 1906 and December 1907. All of them passed to the Southern Railway in 1923 and between 1925 and 1932 they were rebuilt by Richard Maunsell with spare boilers left over after the rebuilding of the B4 and I3 classes. The rebuilt engines were designated I1x class, and these new larger boilers greatly improved their performance. The first ten were numbered 595-604 and the second ten were numbered 1-10. The Southern Railway initially added a "B" prefix to these numbers and later renumbered them 2595-2604 and 2001-2010. BR added '3' to the numbers but it is believed that only 32005 actually carried its number. Two worn-out examples of the class were withdrawn by the Southern Railway in 1944 and 1946 respectively, but the remainder survived into British Railways ownership in 1948, although all had been withdrawn by July 1951 and none have been preserved.
Photo by H C Casserley from Roger Griffiths collection

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