[Source: Nick Catford]

As part of the 1935 'new works' plan two electrical sub-stations were built alongside the line, one at Crouch Hill to the south of Crouch End station and the other in the goods yard at Muswell Hill to feed the conductor rails which had been laid along most of the route; these were both fully equipped ready for use.

The sub-station at Muswell Hill was demolished in the 1960's when a school was built on the site while the sub-station at Crouch Hill remained empty for some years and was eventually converted into a community arts centre in the 1970 and still stands today and is used in conjunction with an adjacent adventure playground; known jointly as the Cape Play and Youth Project. The building is now covered in wall art and graffiti.

Crouch Hill sub-station in September 1974
Photo by Nick Catford

Crouch Hill sub-station in July 1987
Photo by Ian Baker

Crouch Hill sub-station in June 1991
Photo by Ian Baker

Crouch Hill sub-station in February 1996
Photo by Ian Baker

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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