[Source:Nick Catford]

1907 1:2,500 OS map shows the completed pier, now named 'Prince of Wales Pier’. The 'Granville clock tower' has now been moved to allow a single-track railway line to be laid along the pier. The centre section of the ‘Esplanade’ Hotel has also been demolished to allow the line through. This line crosses Wellington swing bridge over the entrance lock to Wellington Dock before running onto the pier. Landing stages are seen on both sides at the end of the pier; also shown is the passenger platform alongside the eastern berths. There is a passing loop just before the landing stages are reached. At the bottom of the map, the north end of the Admiralty pier is shown with the former SER line curving round to the left past Dover Town station and the former LC&DR line passing to the east of the ‘Lord Warden’ Hotel and running into Dover Harbour station. Click here for a larger version.

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