Station Name: DOVER TOWN

[Source: Nick Catford & Lorraine Sencicle]

This engraving from the Illustrated London News of 12 March 1870 shows a proposed, but never built, Channel ferry station and pier to the west of the Admiralty Pier. It also shows Dover Station with a twin hipped trainshed (overall roof) The pilot's tower is seen to the right of the trainshed but the line onto the Admiralty Pier appears to avoid the tower when, in reality, it passed through the middle of it. It is assumed that is correct rather than artistic licence. Also shown is Archcliffe Fort with the railway passing under the southern end of the fort through Archcliffe tunnel. In the bottom left corner there is another tunnel taking an unknown line under the north side of the fort at a lower level; this is clearly artistic licence. Perhaps this is an incorrect interpretation of the Hawkesbury Street curve which would not be built for another 11 years. The c1860 engine shed is shown in the correct position between the fort and Dover station.


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