Station Name: DULLINGHAM
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[Source: Nick Catford]

Dullingham Station Gallery 2: 1975 - October 2014

Dullingham Station looking south-west from Station Road in 1975. Although out of use for the public, the gents' toilet, which is seen beyond the signal box, was not demolished with the rest of the building and was retained for the use of the signalman. The building is still there today.
Photo by David Burrows from his Flickr photostream

Looking north-east from Station Road in 1975. The Station Maltings are seen on the right with the cattle dock on the left.
Photo by David Burrows from his Flickr photostream

A Class 100 DMU with a Cambridge - Harwich service is seen pulling out of Dullingham station in July 1977. The rear car of this two car set is 56301, a driving trailer composite lavatory built in 1957. The unit is currently being restored at County School by the Mid Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust.
Photo by Geoff Skelsey

A view north-east from the Dullingham signal box in the 1980s as Class 101 approaches the station with a Cambridge service. The Station Maltings on the east side of the crossing have been largely demolished following a fire with only one building remaining.
Photo by Gary Sell from his Flickr photostream

A freight train waits in the down platform at Dullingham station in the 1980s.The loco is hauling bogie Polybulk wagons so its next port of call would likely be Dower's sidings at Newmarket. From there it would probably continue to Bury St Edmunds for later forwarding. It is also possible the train would have served the silos at Fulbourne.
Photo by Gary Sell from his Flickr photostream

Looking south-west from Dullingham signal box in 1993. Although hidden from view by undergrowth, the gents' toilet on the down platform is still there, behind the second lamp post.
Photo by David Farrant

Crowds gather on Dullingham station for a scheduled stop by 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' with a steam-hauled excursion from Liverpool Street to Bury St Edmunds on 8 May 2010. 70013 is a BR Standard Pacific that emerged from Crewe works on 30 May 1951 and entered service at 32A, Norwich Thorpe shed. It was one of a class of 55 Britannia class locos. After a final overhaul at Crewe in 1967, it worked many ‘end of steam’ railtours including 1T57, the ‘15 Guinea Special’, the final BR-run steam-hauled train on 11 August 1968. Happily 'Oliver Cromwell' was preserved and can regularly be seen hauling railtours on the main line as well as working on preserved railways. A Class 156 DMU 156409 stands in the former up platform.
Photo by Justin Perkins from his Flickr photostream

Blizzard conditions prevail at Dullingham station on a cold night in February 2012.
Photo by Dullingham signalman Todd Firman from his Flickr photostream

Dullingham station looking north-east along platform 1 in October 2014. Normally services use platform 2 which is bi-directional, but on this day the line was closed for engineering works between Dullingham and Cambridge so services from Ipswich terminated at Dullingham. A bus full of passengers has just arrived from Cambridge and this Class 156 Super Sprinter is awaiting departure. This particular unit 156416 has been modeled and could be yours for a mere £95. The old lamp room is seen on the right.
Photo by Nick Catford

Dullingham station looking south-west from the Station Road level crossing shortly before the departure of 156 416 for Ipswich in October 2014.
Photo by Nick Catford

The Dullingham signalman opens the crossing gates manually after the departure of the Ipswich service in October 2014. Although the gates look old, they are replacements, fitted in March 2009.
Photo by Nick Catford

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