Station Name: DUNTON GREEN
(Westerham branch platform)

[Source: Nick Catford]

1896 1:2,500 OS map. Shows Dunton Green station after the arrival of the Westerham branch. A footbridge has now been provided and the new signal box at the end of the up platform is shown. To the south of the station, the embankment has been winded to accommodate two new sidings. The up platform canopy has been extended up to the covered stairway footbridge. The building at the south end of the branch platform is the goods shed. To the south of the station a private siding runs into the Dunton Green Brick and Tile Works where it connects to a network of internal standard gauge lines. A building of unknown purpose is seen at the south end of the goods yard. As yet, the station masters house hasn't been built. It will be immediately south of this building.

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