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[Source: Nick Catford and Alan Young]

Earby Station Gallery 2: c1950 - September 1962

Looking north from the footbridge at Earby station c1950. The main station building, single-storey and of sandstone construction, is in the centre of the photograph. Verandahs sheltered both faces of this island platform. On the right, a Barnoldswick Branch train is standing on what is a long siding which continues to the goods shed. Passengers have assembled on the up platform (far left) awaiting a northbound train to Skipton.
Photo by Michael Feather

The eastern side of the down island platform at Earby with the main station building is seen in April 1951. Barnoldswick Branch trains routinely used this platform face. This elderly Johnson-designed locomotive was built by the Midland Railway at its Derby works in April 1881. In LMS days she carried the number 1273. In this view she is in early BR livery with ‘British Railways’ on the tank side. In March 1955 the loco was withdrawn from 15A, Wellingborough shed, to be disposed of at Derby works.
Photo by MN Clay from late Donald Binns collection

Earby station looking south from the down platform in April 1954.The LMS ‘Hawkseye’ nameboard is prominent, mounted diagonally to the line of the platform; this positioning was rarely seen outside the LMS system. The small building behind the lamp standard is the weighbridge office, one of two surviving buildings at Earby.
Copyright photo by H C Casserley

Looking south from Earby station footbridge in May 1955. The level crossing at the south end of the station ran across three tracks, one of which was diverging. This required unusually long crossing gates. Those at the south end of the crossing had to be set some yards back from the crossing which accounts for this strange view with gates, but no obvious crossing.
Photo by Dr. J E F Scrimgeour

Looking south from Earby level crossing in December 1955. The goods shed and lower goods office are seen in the distance. The goods yard at Earby was unusually long; the weighbridge office at the entrance to the yard is seen on the far right.
Photo from John Mann collection

Earby station looking north from the footbridge in December 1955 as a southbound passenger train pulls into the down platform. Although the LMS ceased to exist eight years earlier the  'Hawkseye' signs are still in place.
Photo from John Mann collection
Looking south from the down island platform at Earby circa mid 1950s as an LMS-built Class 4F 0-6-0 shunts some wagons.
Photo by Michael Feather

Earby Station signal box, Salterforth Road level crossing and the passenger platforms are seen circa 1950s, looking northwards. The passenger train is possibly bound for Blackpool. The Stanier-designed ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 No.45205 was built for the LMS by Armstrong Whitworth (Newcastle upon Tyne) in November 1935. It was withdrawn from 26A, Newton Heath shed, in November 1966 and disposed of by Cashmores, Great Bridge in March 1967.
Photo by Michael Feather

Looking north from the footbridge at Earby station in 1956. The main station building carrying a hipped ridge-and-furrow verandah is on the down island platform (right). The building on the up platform appears never to have been provided with a verandah. The LMS ‘Hawkseye’ nameboards on both platforms are mounted in frames at an approximately 45º angle to the platform edge. This continues Midland Railway practice thought by the company to make nameboards easier to read; see the first photo of Earby. The goods shed is visible in the distance.
Photo by JCW Halliday

Looking towards the signal box and station at Earby in June 1958. The southbound passenger train is hauled by Fairburn-designed Class 4P 2-6-4T No.42153. The loco was built at Derby in June 1948 and would be withdrawn in August 1964 from 28A, Blackpool Central shed.
Photo by Peter Sunderland

BR standard light 2-6-0 No.78036 is crossing to the up track adjacent to Earby Station signal box in September 1962. The photo is taken from the station footbridge. The source from which this picture was obtained gives the date as 21 September, but as this locomotive hauled the ‘Mid Lancs Railtour’ on the Colne and Barnoldswick branches the following day (as seen on the next photo) it seems likely that this view also dates from that occasion.
Copyright photo by HC Casserley

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September 1962 - 1973




[Source: Nick Catford and Alan Young]

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