[Source: Paul Wright]

A view looking north towards Farnworth & Bold from the air in the 1920s.
Photo with permission from Simons Aerofilms

Farnworth & Bold station seen from the air in the 1930s.
Photo with permission from Simons Aerofilms

Farnworth & Bold station looking north in April 1971. The station goods yard had closed by this time and the line towards Sutton Oak Junction had been singled. Although closed to passengers twenty years earlier the station retained most of its original features, and it was still a relatively busy place. Weekday trip workings for the Turners Asbestos Company ‘Everite’ factory ran from Widnes Hutchinson Street Yard to Farnworth & Bold, and there were plenty of through freight trains. The platform edge paving of the southern end of the up platform is missing in this view, having been destroyed
by a derailment in 1969.
Photo by J. A. Sommerfield

A southbound coal train, typical of the era, is seen passing through Farnworth & Bold station in the summer of 1971. The St Helens line had opened in 1833 to convey just this type of traffic. The train was probably en route to Garston Dock. The station building and goods yard had become a road haulage depot: a reflection of what had happened to the railways over the previous 20 years.
Photo by J Tolston

Looking south at Farnworth & Bold on 18 January 1976. A class 108 DMU is seen heading north through the station on a diverted Liverpool to Preston service. Although the train appears to be working wrong line it was not, as the former down line had become a bi-directional single line on 4 November 1973. The former up line was retained at Farnworth & Bold as a siding for access to the Turners Asbestos Company 'Everite' factory. Diverted passenger services passed through Farnworth & Bold until 1981.
hoto by Bevan Price

LLooking north at Farnworth & Bold station on 31 January 1982. The station building had been destroyed by fire shortly before the line closed. The last rail movement passed north through Farnworth & Bold on 31 October 1981; it was a light engine class 40 locomotive en route to Wigan.
hoto by Graham Earle

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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