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[Source: Nick Catford]

Fenny Stratford Station Gallery 2
May 1973 - March 2014

Fenny Stratford station looking east in May 1973. A determined local campaign spearheaded by the recently formed Bedford Rail Users' Association brought a temporary reprieve from closure.
Photo by Alan Young

A Cravens two-car Class 105 DMU is seen at Fenny Stratford station February 1977 shortly before the station lost its BR (LMR) maroon signage and took on British Rail's Corporate Identity. The down platform has been out of use for some years now but still retains al its signs including a 'way out' signs at the end of the platform directing passengers down the ramp to the barrow crossing.
Photo by Alan Young

Class 47 47320 rattles through Fenny Stratford with the 06.50 Kings Cross Freightliner Terminal to Forders Sidings in July 1977.
Photo by Kevin Lane from his Flickr photostream

In April 1979 the main station building at Fenny Stratford is looking somewhat shabby. A number of fence panels are missing and the building could do with a coat of paint. Although in private occupation since the station became unstaffed in 1968 the bay window is now boarded up and the two doors under the verandahs are sealed. Posters have been ripped off the boards and not replaced. Perhaps this is part of British Rail's new Corporate Identity. The BR (LMR) signage has gone and new black and white signs are seen on the old lamp posts.
Photo by Alan Young

View from the cab as the Fenny Stratford signalman brings a train to a halt with a red flag in 1984. Note the colour light signal ahead, but the semaphore for the other direction. At this time many crossings on the Bletchley to Bedford line still had gates but Fenny Stratford (and Woburn Sands) had lifting barriers. These would again be replaced in 2004.
Photo by Ian Docwra from his Flickr photostream

Fenny Stratford station seen from an arriving eastbound train in April 1985.
Photo by Alan Young

Looking west towards Fenny Stratford station from the Simpson Road level crossing in 1991.  The original down platform was on the right where the bushes are now seen. The line is now part of Network SouthEast which brought another change of signage as seen on the signal box.
Photo by Ben Brooksbank

Inside the Fenny Stratford signal box in May 2002. Fenny Stratford had a 20-lever frame; this was later increased to 22 to work the wicket gates on the crossing. By 1981 only 14 levers remained in use. Click here to see another picture inside the box
Photo by Charles L Roberts from his Flickr photostream

Class 150 DMU ‘Sprinter’ 150123 departing from Fenny Stratford with a service for Bletchley on 10 September 2004; this was four days after the line reopened following a 6-week closure for re-signalling.
Photo by Roger Marks from his Flickr photostream

Network Rail's DBS0 9701 with Class 31 31233 at the rear is seen at Fenny Stratford station bound for Swanbourne and Milton Keynes with the 3Q02 Derby-Acton test train in April 2012. A Driving Brake Standard Open or DBSO is a type of railway carriage, converted to operate as a control car. Fourteen such vehicles, numbered 9701 to 9714, were converted from Mk. 2F Brake Standard Open (standard class coaches with brake van) carriages. Modifications included adding a driving cab and TDM equipment to allow a locomotive to be driven remotely. Using a system known as push-pull, the driver in the DBSO can drive the locomotive, even though it is at the rear of the train, as seen here.
Photo by Andrew Chambers from his Flickr photostream

46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' makes a spirited departure from a brief signal check at Fenny Stratford, to allow the level crossing gates to be activated, on the return leg of PMR tours 'The London Explorer, 1Z87 Euston - Sheffield on 20 October 2012. This Stanier-designed Pacific was built in 1938 at Crewe, a development of the Princess Royal Class. It had a working life of well over 25 years and was withdrawn in February 1964. Following her withdrawal from service she was acquired by Butlins Heads-of-Ayr holiday camp in October 1964. Later moved to Bressingham Steam Museum she was subsequently acquired by The Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust and restored to working order at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, within five years at a cost of over £350,000.
Photo by Matthew B from his Flickr photostream

Looking west towards Fenny Stratford station from Simpson Road level crossing in February 2014. As built the station had two staggered platforms. The down platform was on the right. The brick buildings are on the site of the down side goods yard which was behind the platform. The up platform is seen in the distance on the left. The housing on the left is a private gated estate called 'The Sidings'; it is on the site of the up side goods yard.
Photo by Nick Catford

The former up platform at Fenny Stratford is now used by trains in both directions. The original down platform was re-sited opposite the up platform in 1948. It was taken out of service in the late 1960s and the down line was lifted in 1972. The platform was subsequently demolished. This view is looking towards Bedford in March 2014.
Photo by Nick Catford

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[Source: Nick Catford]

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