[Source: Nick Catford]

1898 1:2,500 OS map shows many changes. The original goods yard is still in use but the goods shed has been replaced with a larger building. To the east of the shed the turnplate and the sidings fanning out from it are still in place, including the one crossing the main line, but the carriage shed on the south side has gone. The original signal box at the junction with the Harbour branch has been replaced with a new box at the east end of the down platform. A weighbridge beneath the track and an adjacent weigh office are shown at the site of the old signal box. Between the main line and the Harbour line the redundant coke ovens have been demolished and replaced with a coal depot and exchange sidings for the Harbour line. A new siding serving a cattle dock and pens has been provided south of the station with the entrance for livestock in Folly Road. A large rail-served canning manufactory has been built to the east of the junction with the harbour line.

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