[Source: Nick Catford]

1938 1:2,500 OS map. Additional carriage berthing sidings have now been provided to the west of the station, making 11 in total. These are still controlled by the signal box on the platform. The signal box by the trailing junction has now gone. The platform canopies are clearly shown: two short canopies on the curved platforms and a long canopy on the pier platform. To the north of the station the wagon turntable was removed c1915 but other wagon turntables are still in use in the goods yard. The two station footbridges have gone; the bridge spanning the platforms was demolished in 1920. On the viaduct the wooden flanking piers have been removed from the west side and the signal box at the north end has also gone. A new signal box has been built (although not named here) at the north end of the up platform. This is the box that still stands today. On the south side of the goods yard the 2nd and 3rd engine sheds are seen. What appears to be a two-road shed is actually a single-road shed with a lean-to; this opened in 1894. This shed was closed in 1910 and replaced by a new shed seen here immediately to the rear. This shed closed in 1919 and is seen here without any track.

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