[Source: Alan Young]

1930 1: 10,560 OS map. By 1930 Catlow Quarries had expanded to their fullest extent both east and west of Southfield Lane. Stone was conveyed from the quarries to Chaffers Siding via Barkerhouse Road which leaves Southfield Lane north-west of the Shooters Arms, and to the town and canal via Southfield House. Catlow Quarry office was at the northern end of Mount Pleasant cottages. The relatively isolated location prompted Nelson Corporation to build small hospitals, one within the quarry for victims of smallpox within the quarries and another for scarlet fever patients on the opposite side of Southfield Lane just outside the quarries. Main Delves field (not named) containing numerous abandoned bell-pits where coal was extracted before the Industrial Revolution is on Crawshaw Hill, north of the Shooters Arms. Only the small, most easterly section of Catlow Quarries has been worked since World War 2.

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