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Notes: Nantmawr Junction (also known as Wern Junction) was located just to the south of the small settlent of Carreghofa and to the east of Wern on the Nantmawr branch railway at a point that was 61 chains from Llanymynech. When the Potteries, Shrewsbury & North Wales Railway (PS&NWR) opened the 3¾-mile Nantmawr branch on 13 August 1866 there was no junction at Carreghofa but a short distance to the north of where it was later sited the Cambrian Railway (CR) Llanymynech – Llanfyllin branch passed over the PS&NWR line. The branch was opened to serve quarries at Nantmawr but had gone into receivership within months of opening. The receiver took over the running of trains and even introduced a passenger service onto the line from 18 April 1870 but they proved to be unprofitable and all trains were withdrawn on 22 June 1880. From July 1881 the CR operated mineral trains on the branch to serve the quarries.

The junction between the Llanfyllin branch and the CR main line was to the north of Llanymynech station and it faced north forcing passenger trains from the station to have to perform reverse moves. In the 1890s the CR proposed a solution which was to build a connecting spur from the Nantmawr branch (which connected to the CR main line at the south end of Llanymynech station) to the Llanfyllin branch at Carreghofa.

At this time the Nantmawr branch was going through a period of disuse and the opportunity was taken to relay it between Llanymynech and the point where the new spur began.

The half-mile spur opened on 27 Junary 1896 creating the Nantmawr Junction. Both the Nantmawr branch and the spur were single track and in the fork of the junction a signal box was provided. The box was constructed from brick with a timber upper frontage.

The CR routed all of its Llanfyllin passenger and goods trains through Nantmawr Junction which allowed them to close part of the original route into Llanymynech. Quarry trains also resumed on the Nantmawr branch.

Between 6 January 1904 and 1 January 1917 a couple of passenger trains per day each way ran through the junction onto and off the Nantmawr branch. They were run to serve the Tanat Valley Light Railway which had opened on 6 January 1904.

Sometime around 1917 the junction was renamed Llanfyllin Branch Junction.

In 1925 the Nantmawr branch closed between the Llanfyllin Branch Junction and a point just to the south-west of Blodwell Junction. This made the junction redundant but the Nantmawr branch track was not lifted until 1938.

The signal box was closed and demolished. The spur line, which had, in effect, become the Llanfyllin branch main line, was used until 16 January 1965.

Nothing remained of Nantmawr Junction in June 2016.

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Nantmawr Junction looking noth-west in the period 1903/4. The line going off to the left is the Llanfyllin branch spur that had opened in 1896. The line curving to the right is the Nantmawr branch to Blodwell Junction. In the fork of the junction is the controlling signal box.
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hoto by F E Fox-Davies from the John Alsop collection

Nantmawr Junction shown on a six-inch scale map from 1902.

The Nantmawr branch shown coloured green on a Railway Clearing House map from 1915. Nantmawr Junction is indicated by the blue arrow.

Looking north-west at the site of Nantmawr Junction in 1948 from a similar viewpoint as the photo at the top of the page. The course of the Nantmawr branch can be seen going off to the right.
Copyright photo from the John Alsop collection

The site of Nantmawr Junction looking north-west on 25 June 2016.
hoto by Paul Wright




[Source: Paul Wright]

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