All photos were taken in early 2020 or in May 2020 after Covid19 lockdown had been eased.
All Photos by Adam Keeble

[Source: Adam Keeble]

The following photos are part of a collection of 200 photos of the Hadleigh Branch Generally station photos are not included as they will be found in the individual station pages.

Bentley station masters house, Original entrance post to station yard can be seen on the right.

Site of Bentley Station entrance building for the southbound line, It stood where the cars are parked.

Ipswich to Colchester line looking south. Signal box sat just to the right of this picture, sidings used to run parallel to the main line where the trees now stand on the left. Map below shows position of camera and direction.

Main line looking north, curve where track spurred off to Capel can be just be seen across the field in the background. Not possible to get any closer. See arrow 1 on map.

Bentley to Capel line, looking towards Bentley along the southern curve. See arrow 2 on map.

Ipswich to Colchester line looking south. In the early days the track spurred off to the right eventually joining the branch line to Capel. No longer used after 1875. See arrow 3 on map.

Line of trees at Bentley shows where the line of the north curve from the Hadleigh branch north towards Ipswich, no longer used after 1875, only south line towards Bentley remained. See arrow 4 on map.

Track line of the north curve still visable, looking north towards Ipswich, this part of the line was only used up till 1875.

Between Capel and Bentley looking towards Bentley.

Approaching Capel station.






[Source: Nick Catford]

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