(Widnes West Deviation Junction to Widnes South)

[Source: Paul Wright]

At the western end of the line was Widnes West Deviation Junction the point at which it veered away from the original Garston and Warrington line. From the time of opening in 1869 the junction was controlled by a signal box. The first was called Widnes West Deviation and only lasted until 1874. It was replaced by another with the same name that lasted until 1884.

In 1884 the LNWR replaced the second box with one of their Type 4 structures. It was called West Deviation Junction and had a brick base with timber upper cabin. West Deviation Junction was provided with a 50 lever tumbler frame. It lasted until 12 February 1967.

The fourth and final box was a timber British Railways LMR type 15. It had 35 levers which reflected the fact that there had been much track rationalisation in the months preceding its opening. The LMR box carried the name of the first two, Widnes West Deviation. The box closed on 19 December 1988.

From Widnes West Deviation the line climbed at a 1/97 gradient up to Widnes (South from 1959) station. To the south of the incline was the Hutchinson Street yard.

Looking east at Widnes West Deviation junction in the late 1970s. A westbound freight train is seen passing the LMR signal box which had opened on 12 February 1967.
Photo by Graham Earle

Widnes West Deviation looking towards Warrington in the early 1980s. The deviation line can be seen veering to the left beyond the bridge.
Photo by Graham Earle

Looking east at Widnes West Deviation junction on 20 June 1990 after
Hutchinson Street yard had closed.
Photo by John Wilson

Looking west towards Widnes West Deviation in the late 1970s from the other side of the bridge seen in the picture above. A class 25 locomotive is seen heading east on a train of vans. Going west is an 08 locomotive on prestflo cement wagons. The 08 would have brought the wagons from the Everite works at Farnworth & Bold. It would go a short distance beyond the bridge before setting back into Hutchinson Street yard.
Photo by Graham Earle

An ex LMS 8F 2-8-0 locomotive number 48322 is seen running onto the Widnes Deviation line with a coal train in 1967. The original route of the Garston and Warrington line can be seen to the left.
Photo by Les Fifoot

Looking north from Hutchinson Street yard towards the deviation line in 1967. A Sulzer Type 2 (later class 25) locomotive is seen heading west.
Photo by Les Fifoot

A view looking west from the deviation line towards Widnes West Deviation in 1967. The signal box can be seen in the distance beyond the bridge.
Photo by Les Fifoot

A westbound coal train probably en route to Garston Dock is seen coming off the deviation line in 1967. To the right can be seen Hutchinson Street yard.
Photo by Les Fifoot

Three light engines climb the 1/97 gradient from Widnes West Deviation up to Widnes South in 1967.
Photo by Les Fifoot

Looking west from Widnes South down the 1/97 gradient of the deviation line in April 2013.

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[Source: Paul Wright

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