1902 - 1993

[Source: Les Fifoot & Paul Wright]


A view looking south-east at the Glenavy station building and signal box in 1902. Station staff and thier children pose for the camera alongside an armed man in a military style uniform.

Glenavy signal box seen on 12 July 1902. Orangemen and thier families have positioned themselves at the top of the steps whilst waiting for a special train to take them to a demonstration at Hillsborough.

Looking south at Glenavy station from a passing train in 1959.

UTA 2-6-0 number 97, "Earl of Ulster" at Glenavy station, on its way to Antrim with the joint Irish tour "Farewell to Steam in Ireland" rail tour. 12th June 1964..
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hoto from Ernies Railway Archive

A passing light engine has surprised passengers at Glenavy awaiting the arrival of the 10.00 Ballymena – Lisburn train in May 1980.
hoto by Albert Bridge

A 1981 view of the main station building at Glenavy, taken from the disused platform. At that time, the building had not deteriorated significantly.

On 14 July 1993 three young men await to board a south bound train arriving at Glenavy station.
hoto by Alan Young

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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