[Source: Nick Catford]


1896 1:1056 OS Town Plan. This map shows the layout of Globe Road station as built. There are two facing platforms which are slightly staggered. They are covered by a canopy for most of their length but the canopy is not shown here. There were entrances at both ends of the station. The Globe Road entrance gates are show immediately south of the bridge. The booking office was located in the first arch which is indicated here by a subway. The canopy in front of the entrance is not shown. A triangular compound on the north side of Devonshire Street is the entrance to the Devonshire Street booking office located in the second arch west from the bridge; here the small canopy in front of the entrance is shown. On the north side of the Morpeth Street bridge another entrance gateway is shown with a path leading to the subway. The four stairways are shown; staggered stairs at the Grove Road end and facing stairs at the Devonshire Street end. The room layout of the platform buildings is clearly seen. There are three blocks of buildings on the up platform with a gents' toilet at either end. The first two buildings (left to right) are waiting rooms and ladies’ rooms. The third building is the stationmaster's office and other staff rooms. The down platform has two blocks of buildings comprising waiting rooms and ladies rooms with a gents' toilet at the west end. The Grove Road Junction signal box is shown spanning the tracks towards the west end of the station. The Devonshire Street signal box is seen between the tracks to the east of the down platform. This box was opened in 1884 and replaced and earlier box nearby.

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