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Goldsborough Station Gallery 2: June 1973 - August 2012

Goldsborough station is seen from a passing train from York to Harrogate on 29 June 1973. The up platform, seen here, is intact and still possesses a timber waiting shed and the posts and cradles for the oil lanterns. The station building can be seen, complete with its attractive scalloped bargeboards, and the 1942 ARP brick-built signal box is prominent. Since the previous photos of 1969 the A59 road has been diverted from the level crossing across a flyover (behind the camera), and this made the signal box redundant; it closed in February 1971. The crossing is no longer in use, as seen by the removal of the boards from between the rails.
Photo by Alan Young

Goldsborough station, c1975, looking west from the A59 flyover. The line has been singled, with the redundant up tracks being removed by 3 March 1974, but the up platform remains in place. The waiting shed has been removed, but the station building and disused signal box are still intact. The World War 2 cold store is seen beyond these buildings. In the former goods yard the brick-built weigh office can be seen far left accompanied by a railway cottage.
Copyright photo by JL Smith from John Mann collection

The former up platform of Goldsborough station looking north-east in 1977, showing the station buildings and disused ARP signal box.
Photo by Alan Lewis from his Ipernity photo gallery

The former up platform of Goldsborough station looking north in 1977, showing the station buildings and disused ARP signal box.
Photo by Alan Lewis from his Ipernity photo gallery

A distinguished visitor is passing through the disused Goldsborough station on 20 August 1978. Seen from the A59 flyover, Class 9F No.92220 ‘Evening Star’ is hauling an eastbound excursion. To the right of the train the station building, signal box and up platform of the station can be seen, as can the huge wartime Cold Store building in the background. ‘Evening Star’ was the last steam locomotive to be built by British Railways (1960). She was withdrawn in 1965 and is now exhibited at the National Railway Museum in York.
Photo by Nick Catford

On 27 August 1978 Class 9F No.92220 ‘Evening Star’ is speeding towards York past the site of Goldsborough station hauling an excursion train. The site of the demolished down (westbound) platform is in the foreground. The brick-built signal box (1942) and the former station building
are seen to the right.
Photo by Andy Greenwood

Looking west from the A59 bridge towards the site of Goldsborough station in July 2000. The station building is partly obscured by vegetation. The wartime cold store can be seen, far right. The York–Harrogate line through the station has been operated as a single-track route since 1973.
Photo by Ben Brooksbank

The redundant 1942 Air Raid Precaution (ARP) signal box and the former station building at Goldsborough are seen c2000, looking north-east. The signalbox has been incorporated into an extension to the house.
Photo by Tim Denton

The former Ministry of Food depot at Goldsborough station, looking north-east in October 2002. This was a refrigerated cold store where the Ministry of Food could house emergency meat supplies. On completion, the cold store at Goldsborough was provided with a rail connection with two private sidings running either side of the brick monolith, and two reception loop sidings. In 1941, 43 of these identical brick refrigerated cold stores were built by William Douglas & Sons. They were scattered around the country as part of an integrated system of food control, distribution, and handling and all were located adjacent to main railway routes for ease of movement in and out of the stores. The wartime storage facility at Goldsborough continued to perform its function during the early years of the ‘cold war’. By 1961 there was seen to be no need to have emergency meat stocks and the sites were rented out as commercial cold stores with no strategic value. This structure continued in use as a commercial cold store. It was occupied by Manton Transport Ltd but in 2012 it was bought by Chippindale Foods, who demolished the building and built a new distribution depot.
Photo by Nick Catford

The former station building, signal box and part of the up platform at Goldsborough station, looking north in March 2008.
Photo by Alan Young

Goldsborough station, looking west from the A59 flyover in April 2008. The former up platform, station building and signal box can be seen, with the old Ministry of Food cold store beyond. The site of the goods yard, opposite the station building is now occupied by Flaxby Stone Sales.
Photo by Nigel Thompson reproduced from Geograph under creative commons licence

The former station building at Goldsborough, looking west in April 2009. The lower part of the former ARP 1942 signal box is in use as a garage.
Photo by John Furnevel

The disused Goldsborough station, looking north-west in August 2012. The ARP signal box and station buildings are seen on former up platform, and in the background (far left) the demolition of the wartime cold store is in progress.
Photo by John Carter from his Flickr photostream

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[Source: Alan Young]

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