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Granborough Road Station Gallery 2 1960 - 2008

Granborough Road station looking north c1960. At this time a farm road ran along the trackbed.
Copyright photo by RM Casserley

Granborough Road station looking north in July 1965. The trackbed is no longer used as a farm road and has been allowed to return to nature.
Photo by John Alsop

Granborough Road station looking north c late 1960. The power lines date from c1967; they are heading for East Claydon sub-station which is now adjacent to Winslow Road station.
Photo from John Mann collection

Granborough Road station looking north towards Verney Junction from the site of the level crossing c late 1960s.
Photo from John Mann collection

Granborough Road station looking south towards Quainton Road c late 1960s.
Photo from John Mann collection

Percy the goose guards his kingdom on a cold winter day in December 1968. Sue Harvey recalls Percy: ‘My grandparents, Harry and Gert Hammond, lived there for years and I remember well Percy the goose, raised by my grandmother for a Christmas dinner. She never did have the heart to kill him though. He was a bad tempered so-and-so with a penchant for biting (very hard) the back of your leg unless you could outrun him! He was in his twenties, I believe, when he died, and probably a bit on the tough side by then. I also remember the house, now gone, with its wonderful Victoria plum trees, oil lamps, old range in the kitchen and outside privy with a wooden seat in the garden. Before they had water laid on, it was delivered in churns by train, as I understand, though that was way before my time.
Photo by Nick Catford

Granborough Road up platform in February 1974. The brick base of the
footbridge is seen on the platform.
Photo by Nick Catford

By the early 1980s the trackbed and platforms at Granborough Road station were getting overgrown.

By March 1989 a new use had been found for Granborough Road station. The farmer who now owns the station uses the platform area as a bay for storing hay for making silage. At this time both platforms were extant.
Photo by John Mann

By September 2008 the down platform had been cut back to increase the width of the bay. The full length of the up platform is extant.
Photo by Roger Marks from his Flickr photostream

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[Source: Nick Catford

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