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Groombridge Station Gallery 2 1958 - Last day

A Tunbridge Wells West train waits in the down platform at Groombridge station c1958 The photographer was leading porter at Groombridge under the Station Master Mr Osmar. The end of one of the goods sidings is seen on the right,
Photo by Alf Brown

A westbound train pulls out of the island platform in September 1961. Note the neatly laid out station garden, In 1958 Groombridge won a best kept station award.

An westbound passenger train hauled by H class O-4-4-T 35518 pulls into the island platform Groombridge station in 1963. The buildings seen behind the train are a terrace of railway cottages built alongside the track.
Photo by A. J. Wills

Looking north-east from Station Road bridge in May 1963 as a Tunbridge Wells West train pulls into the down platform. The goods shed is seen in the distance behind the down platform. On the right the grass appears to be recently mowed and the flower bed prepared for planting.

Looking north-east at Groombridge platforms 2 and 3 from a Tunbridge Wells West
bound DEMU in April 1964.
Photo by Ian D Nolan from his Flickr photostream

Groombridge island platform seen from the down platform in October 1967.
Photo by Nick Catford

Looking north-east in May 1985. The canopies and island platform buildings were removed c late 1960s. Groombridge had been fitted with BR green totem signs replacing the earlier Southern Railway targets although totems aren't visible in any of the pictures. By 1974 all the Southern Region signage had been replaced by British Rail 'corporate identity' signs as seen here. East Sussex DEMU 1311 is seen pulling out of the platform towards Tunbridge Wells. This unit was withdrawn in 2004.
Photo by Alan Young

A crowd of enthusiasts wait on the up platform at Groombridge on 6 July 1985, the last day of public service. The demolished canopy and waiting room has been replaced by a bus shelter.
Photo by Nick Catford

On the 6 July 1985, the last day of public service, two 3-car DEMU units were required to cater for the large number of passengers expected. This train carries two headboards one says 'The Groombridge line 1866 - 1985' the other says 'Farewell 31 Squadron'. East Sussex/Oxted unit 1317 is at the front with 1311 at the rear. 1317 has been preserved and is still running on the Spa Valley Railway.
Photo by Nick Catford

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:[Source: Nick Catford]

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