Station Name: HALWILL

[Source: Martin James]

1906 1:2,500 OS map. 1906 1:2,500 OS map. With the arrival of the North Cornwall Railway Halwill became a junction station. Although the station name is still Halwill & Beaworth the community that has built up around the station is itself called Halwill Junction. As well as new housing the community also included the Junction Hotel, a Post Office and the Cottage Hospital. The station building on the down side has been replaced with a number of small buildings located on the up side. The signal box which has been rebuilt is now identified. A new bay platform for North Cornwall line trains has been provided at the rear of the down platform at its north end. The goods yard has been expanded with the addition of two more parallel sidings and a third short siding. A 50-foot turntable turntable has also been provided in the west side of the goods yard. The entrance to the yard is opposite the Post Office, the first building although not identified would have been the weigh office. Other buildings close to the entrance were probably merchants' offices. Three water cranes are shown but not identified, two at the north end of the down platform and one at the south end of the up platform.

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