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Date opened: 2.6.1873
Location: East side of Regent Road
Company on opening: Midland Railway
Date closed: 21.7.1969
Company on closing: National Container Line
Present state: Demolished
County: Lancashire
OS Grid Ref: SJ343926
Date of visit: 20.8.2005, 1.1.2013 & 10.9.2016

Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station in the early years of the 20th century looking south.

Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station was opened by the Midland Railway (MR) on 2 June 1873. it was located in the Liverpool north docks area on the east side of Regent Road (known locally as 'The Dock Road'). The eastern boundary of the goods station ran along Derby Road and to its north was Sandhills Lane.

The MR had sought access to the lucrative north Liverpool docks since the 1860s but achieved its aim through its involvement as a partner with the Great Northern Railway (GNR) and the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR) in the Cheshire Lines Committee Joint Railway (CLC). When the CLC created a through route of its own between Liverpool and Manchester on 2 September 1873 the MR was able to run trains to Liverpool. The CLC goods terminus at Liverpool was however in the south docks and by the 1870s the north docks were expanding and were able to take larger ships. It was for this reason that the MR opened Sandon & Canada Dock Goods.

The goods station was not directly connected to the CLC system. In order to move wagons to it the MR had to rely upon the Mersey Docks & Harbour Board Railway (MD&HB) which ran north - south along the entire dock system. The MR incurred additional costs having to use the MD&HB line.

The other CLC partners also wanted access to the north Liverpool Docks and they achieved it through the creation of the North Liverpool Extension Line which ran from Halewood (on the CLC Liverpool and Manchester line) via Gateacre, Knotty Ash and West Derby to Walton. From Walton a branch ran to a goods station at Huskisson. The line opened through to Huskisson on 1 July 1880. Huskisson was only 45 chains to the east of Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station. Between it and Huskisson however there was the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway (LYR) Liverpool and Preston line which was raised up on embankments and viaducts.

A single track branch line was created that crossed Derby Road on the level and passed under the LYR line in a short tunnel. The line opened on 1 November 1882. The MR was then able to run trains directly to its goods station although at first the branch from Huskisson was horse worked.

The goods station passed to the London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS on 1 January 1923 and to British Railways London Midland Region on 1 January 1948. It remained busy until the early 1960s. on 1 January 1969 it transferred out of British Railways ownership to National Container Line (NCL). British Railways continued to run trains to Sandon & Canada Dock Goods for NCL until 24 February 1969. The MD&HB ceased to run trains to it on 21 July 1969. The goods station was later demolished.

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Sandon & Canada Dock goods station looking north in the 1920s.

Sandon & Canada goods station shown on a six-inch scale map from 1890.

Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station shown on a 1906 map. The extent of the yard by this time is clearly shown. Leading off to the north-east is the branch to Huskisson passing through the Victoria sidings which are marked as Goods Yard CLC on the map. Also of interest is the connection to the MD&HB line which is seen in the south-west corner of the map.

Looking north along Derby Road in 1927. Running from left to right and crossing the road is the Huskisson - Sandon & Canada Dock Goods branch. The single track railway crosses the double track tramway of Liverpool Corporation and a sign warns road users to beware of trains. Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station is to the left. On the far side of the road the line passes through a gateway into Victoria Yard. From there it continued to Huskisson.

Sandon & Canada seen from the air in 1949.
Photo from the Simons aerofilms collection with permission

Sandon & Canada Goods Station seen looking south from the Liverpool Overhead Railway Huskisson station in 1956. The large goods warehouse towers above Liverpool's dock road.
Photo by D J Norton

Looking south at Sandon & Canada Dock Goods station 10 September 2016. A section of track can be seen in the middle of the view.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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