Station Name: HYDE ROAD

[Source: Nick Catford]

Hyde Road Junction, 500 yards north of Hyde Road station in May 1991. This was the junction that provided links to Gorton and to Fairfield. The Fairfield line which was used by the passenger services that ran until 1958 ran to the right of the picture and by this date it has been lifted. This section of the line was used for a demonstration of the Metrolink which Manchester was planning to build at the time. As a result the line was re-electrified at 750V DC and a Docklands Light Rail vehicle was fitted with a pantograph. As the Manchester-Hadfield mainline had recently been converted to 25kV AC a Class 306 EMU was positioned under the right side of the bridge to act as a transformer/rectifier!
Photo from Closed South Manchester Railways web site

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