[Source: Alan Young]

1897 1: 2,500 OS map. Killingworth station with the racecourse sidings is seen, upper left. Mineral railways lead off towards Burradon (top) and to Killingworth Colliery’s disused West Moor Pit. This landscape is, fittingly, dominated by railways and the long terraces of colliery workers’ cottages, for it was when he worked at West Moor Pit (lower right) that George Stephenson gained his engineering skills and built his first locomotive, ‘Blucher’, to haul coal trucks on the Killingworth Wagonway which extended south-eastwards to the River Tyne at Willington. From 1956-70 the aptly-named George Stephenson Grammar School - at which the author had the privilege of being a pupil - occupied the field in the lower left corner beside High Shop.

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