[Source: Paul Wright]

Derby-built Class 115 4-car suburban sets are usually associated with Marylebone services, but some were allocated to Allerton to work ‘express’ services on the CLC between Liverpool Central and Manchester Central; these stopped only at Widnes North and Warrington Central. One of these workings is seen leaving Liverpool Central in early 1964.
Photo from Grumpy's Trains Flickr photostream

Class 108 DMUs at Liverpool Central in the early 1960s. DMUs were introduced onto many of the local services that ran out of Central from 1959.
Photo by Alan Poole

A busy scene at Liverpool Central in the late 1960s.
Photo by Norman Daley

Liverpool Central station signal box in the late 1960s.
Photo by Norman Daley

Looking north along platform 3 in April 1969. The picture gives a good impression of the layout of Liverpool Central within the trainshed. Large platform canopies extended beyond the arched roof. At the far end of the platform is a two-car Derby-built class 108 DMU. It would have been
operating a Gateacre service.
Photo by M A King

Looking south from the buffer stops at Liverpool Central station along platform 3 in June 1969. By this date only platform 3 and 4 were in use serving an hourly Gateacre service.
hoto by Nick Catford

A Class 108 Derby Built DMU arrives at Liverpool Central from Gateacre in 1971. By this time the station only had one platform still in use.
Photo by Les Fifoot

During the last days a class 108 DMU, forming a four-coach enthusiasts’ special, prepares to depart from Liverpool Central station. During the last month before closure the line had been cut back to the very end of platform 3 so that demolition work could proceed on the trainshed.
Photo by Tom Baxendale

Liverpool Central station in the early months of 1972. Demolition work is underway on what had once been the headquarters and pride of the CLC. In the bottom right of the picture  is the entrance to Liverpool Central Low Level station, which remained open until 1975.
Photo by Tom Baxendale

Demolition of Liverpool Central station in an advanced state in 1972.
Photo by Tom Baxendale

The site of the original Liverpool Central station looking north in July 2011.
Photo by Paul Wright

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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