[Source: Nick Catford & Paul Wright]

Looking north along the down platform at Macclesfield Central in 1910. Passing through the station on the up fast line is locomotive number
88 a class H 0-6-0 built in 1909. This loco was withdrawn and scrapped in 1928 as LMS No. 8683. Also worthy of note are the signals, they are Mackenzie and Holland, the contractors used by the North Stafford Railway.
Copyright photo from John Alsop collection

A Stanier 2-6-4T is seen passing through Macclesfield Central station with a Machester Victoria to
Stoke train in July 1937.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

Looking north from the southern end of the down platform at Macclesfield Central station in the mid-1950s. The narrow platforms are clearly illustrated.
Photo from John Mann collection

Ex-LMS Patriot class 4-6-0 No.45501 named 'St Dunstans' hauls a Manchester to Bournemouth express passenger through Macclesfield Central station in July 1956. 45001 was built at Derby works in 1930, entering service on 13 November. A rebuild of an ex-LNWR Claughton, it lasted in service until 26 August 1961 when it was withdrawn from 12B, Carlisle Upperby shed and broken up a month later. A short but interesting history of this class of loco can be found here along with all the names and numbers. On the left is 42363 is awaiting the right of way, a Fowler designed 4P 2-6-4T. Built at Derby works for the LMS and entering service on 1 August 1929 as 2363, this loco had a service life of over 32 years when it was withdrawn from 9A, Longsight shed on 23 December 1961 and broken up during April of the following year.
Photo from Jim Lake collection

Looking south at the 1961 Macclesfield station in the 1970s from what would have been the northern end of Macclesfield Central's down platform.
Photo from John Mann collection

The Macclesfield Central subway looking east on 30 September 2013. The subway is the only part of Central that survived the demolition of the station in 1961.
Photo by John Wilson

Looking north at the site of Macclesfield Central station on 30 September 2013. Macclesfield station occupies the site of Central which was half the length of its replacement. Central stretched from a point just to the north of the nearest footbridge to the signals which can be seen in the distance.
hoto by John Wilson

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[Source: Nick Catford & Paul Wright]

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