[Source: Paul Wright]

Looking west at Manchester Exchange station from the western end of Manchester Victoria station in 1974. The station was still in its pre-closure form at this time.
Photo by Rod Ward

Manchester Exchange looking east in summer 1980. Eleven years after closure trains were still passing through, and the station still had its roof.
Photo by David Ingham from his Flickr Photostream

Manchester Exchange station looking west in August 2010.
hoto by Paul Wright

Looking towards the site of Manchester Exchange from the same viewpoint as the 1974 photo above on 18 February 2015.
Photo by Rod Ward

Looking east at the site of Manchester Exchange station on 20 February 2015. The station foundations and part of the undercroft were being excavated out to make way for a development.
Photo by Rod Ward

A surviving section of the Manchester Exchange undercroft seen on 20 February 2015.
Photo by Rod Ward
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[Source: Paul Wright]

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