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Date opened: 8.8.1910
Location: On the south side of Fairfield adjacent to Manchester Piccadilly Station
Company on opening: London & North Western Railway
Date closed to passengers: 23.8.1960
Date closed completely: Unknown
Company on closing: British Railways (London Midland Region)
Present state: Station is still extant and unused with trainshed intact. The roadside building was gutted by fire in the summer of 2005.
County: Lancashire
OS Grid Ref: SJ851977
Date of visit: 28.8.2004

Notes: The London and North Western Railway’s (LNWR) busiest station in Manchester was London Road station. By the first decade of the 20th century it had become so busy that it could hardly cope with the levels of traffic being carried on the LNWR network. In particular the LNWR had great difficulty accommodating both main line long distance trains with local suburban services.

The answer was to build a new station to the south of Manchester London Road. This new station opened as Manchester Mayfield Station opened on the 8th August 1910. In effect it was really an overspill station for Manchester London Road (renamed Manchester Piccadilly in 1960).  The station was situated above street level the lines leading into it coming off a brick

built viaduct. It was built out of red brick and had an imposing two storey frontage building that provided access from street level. Three platforms were provided which gave five platform faces, two of the platforms being island platforms. On the north site of the station a ramp led up from street level which allowed vehicular access to the platforms. An overall roof supported on iron columns was provided which covered all of the platforms. A footbridge connected Manchester Mayfield station to Manchester London road to facilitate passengers who needed to change trains. Train services from the station operated to various destinations on the Buxton, Crewe and Macclesfield lines.

Mayfield Station became part of the London Midland Scottish Railway (LMS) in 1923 and that companies 18th July 1932 to the 11th September 1932 Summer timetable shows thirteen weekday departures from the station which called at all stations to Stockport. The weekday services ran mostly in the morning and evening rush hour. The situation seems to have altered on Saturday’s as more Stockport services appear to have operated from Mayfield throughout the daytime period. It is possible that this would have been because there would have been numerous holiday specials running from Manchester London Road on Saturday’s. The same 1932 timetable also shows a number of long distance arrival’s used Mayfield Station. 

For many years the station served Manchester’s commuters well but following electrification of many of the local lines in 1960 the station closed on 23rd August of that year. It lay derelict for nearly a decade but eventually it was converted into a parcel’s depot opening on 6th July 1970.
The parcels depot closed in the late 1980s and since then the station has stood idle. 

The derelict nterior was used in the Television Drama Prime Suspect 5 as a drug dealers haunt. As Manchester Piccadilly Station (formerly London Road) is once again running out of capacity there has been a proposal to reopen Mayfield Station. It will either be as terminus, as it was before, or lines will be extended through the station and join up with the
existing line to Oxford Road.

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Tickets from Michael Stewart

Looking southeast from inside the train shed at Manchester Mayfield station in 1957. A former LMS Class 5 Locomotive prepares to attach itself to coaches. In all likelihood the engine would have taken the coaches out as empty stock. If it had been hauling the coaches as a service train it would have been turned at Longsight so that it would be facing in the right direction'
hoto from Manchester City Council local image collection

Manchester Mayfield Station in August 2004 - Manchester Piccasilly Station can be seen to the right.
hoto by Paul Sutcliffe

Manchester Mayfield Station in August 2004
hoto by Paul Sutcliffe

Manchester Mayfield Station concourse in August 2004
hoto by Paul Sutcliffe

Looking towards the northwest along the derelict platforms at Manchester Mayfield Station in January 2010. The electrified lines on the right of the picture lead into Manchester Piccadilly Station.
Photo by Mark Aldred

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[Source: Paul Wright]

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