Station Name: MILDENHALL

[Source: Darren Kitson]

This aerial view of Mildenhall station dates from April 1930. All the station's features can be seen including both pairs of cottages, turntable, signal box, lock-up and, left, the weighbridge. Also visible are the cattle pens, opposite the signal box. These are are something of a mystery as Mildenhall is recorded as having three pens yet only one is visible. On the ground is what appears to be the outline of the other two, so perhaps two were removed to provide better access to the dock. The land between the turntable and the second pair of cottages is gardens. Plots were rented to railway staff and it was a sensible way of utilising otherwise spare land to the benefit of both parties. A similar arrangement was in place at Burwell. The platform canopy is still at its original length and a rare glimpse is afforded of how it continued around the corner of the station house. The canopy would soon follow in the steps of Burwell and Isleham by being shortened, part of economy measures and alterations which had begun in 1921. The building at the top left of the image was a flour mill and it still stands today, now converted into flats. The gas works is just out of view at the top of the image. Click here to see a larger versaion.
Reproduced with the kind permission of Simmons Aerofilms Ltd.

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