Station Name: MILLBROOK
Station still open but included for completeness

[Source: Nick Catford]

Millbrook Station Gallery 2 February 1977 - February 2014

Millbrook station seen from Station Road in May 1977.
Photo by Alan Young

A Cravens 2-car DMU bound for Bletchley is seen approaching Millbrook station in February 1977; steps are lined up on both platforms. The station has been unstaffed for nine years and the words 'Ticket Office' have been painted over on the sign on the station building. Most of the BR(LM) totem name signs have been removed, and ‘Corporate Identity’ signage would be installed very soon,
Photo by Alan Young

A Class 104 DMU glides to a halt at Millbrook station whilst working the 12.10 Bletchley - Bedford service in December 1983. The platforms at Millbrook were particularly well lit. A lone passenger contemplates the long wait for his train.
Photo by Geoff Dowling from his Flickr photostream

Millbrook station, seen from the front window of a Bletchley - Bedford DMU in September 1984.
Photo by Jonathan Hazen from his Flickr photostream

Millbrook station seen from an arriving Bedford service in July 1985. The signalman is at the lever frame. The station has been unmanned since 1968 and the sign on the station building indicates it has recently been sold.
Photo by Alan Young

Millbrook level crossing c late 1980s. The original wooden gates have been replaced and the lever frame has been remounted at ground level after demolition of the brick plinth. The original LNWR name has been retained with separate letters screwed onto a board. The building behind is the ‘Morteyne Arms’ pub, now a private residence.

A class 105 DMU repainted in green livery is seen at Millbrook station on 28 May 1988 as part of the Bedford open day. This is the 13.37 service from Bedford. Corporate Identity signage has replaced the BR (LMR) maroon signs. The platform lighting has also been replaced with fewer tall lights.
Photo by Richard Allen from his Flickr photostream

The signalman goes to open the level crossing gates at Millbrook station on the Bedford-Bletchley line as a Class 121 'bubble' single-car DMU departs on a rather dismal November day in 1995. The original low platforms were still in use at this time requiring steps for boarding or disembarking.
Photo by Andrew Walker from his Flickr photostream

A Class 31 waits in the down platform at Millbrook station in September 1998.
Photo by Ian Dinmore

Seen here is one of the unusual late-night Class 121 'Power Twin' formations that operated on the Bedford - Bletchley line in the late 1990s. 121 029 leads an unidentified unit at Millbrook one evening in September 1999 shortly after the height of the platforms was raised. Although both units’ engines were operational, the rear unit was locked out of use. The station is now part of Network SouthEast with further new signage in view.
Photo by Nick Doolan from his Flickr photostream

The south end of the up platform at Millbrook station in July 2005. Although the platforms were raised in 1999 a section of the original low platform in front of the station building was retained to allow the door onto the platform to be used. The service is now operated by Silverlink with further new signage.
Photo by Roger Marks from his Flickr photostream

Millbrook station up platform in February 2014. The only difference between this view and the 2005 view above is the service operator which is now London Midland. This change, of course, required further new signage. The franchise was originally due to expire in September 2015 but in March 2013 was extended until June 2017 so these signs will be safe for a few years!
Photo by Nick Catford

Looking north across the Station Road level crossing towards Millbrook station in February 2014. The lifting barriers replaced the wooden gates in 2004. The original timber waiting shelter was replaced with a long ‘bus shelter’ when the platforms were raised.
Photo by Nick Catford

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