Station Name: PADSTOW

[Source: Martin James]

Often the best ways to illustrate the complete layout of a station is with a detailed scale model. The model of Padstow station illustrated below clearly shows all the major features of the station and goods yard. It was built by John Lambert and is/has been exhibited at various model railway exhibitions, including those organised by the Salisbury & South Wilts Railway Society. This model depicts the station in the 1950s.

The outer basin of the dock and the south jetty with two tracks running on to it are seen in the foreground. The fish shed is seen alongside the dock. The building to the right of the fish shed is the fishermen's stores. The station is in the background.

Another view of the outer basin and south jetty with the fish shed and fishermen's stores.

The south end of the outer basin. The small building at the end of the basin belonged to Pawlyn Brothers; it survived until 2000. Click here to see it.

Padstow station and goods yard looking south. From left to right we see south jetty and the fish shed. The centre track is the carriage siding with the run-round loop to its right. The range of buildings in the distance on the left is Pawlyn Brothers fish curing depot and stores.

The south end of the station. The T-shaped stationmaster's house is seen with a garden running round two sides. The sloping roof at the end of the station building is the gents' toilet. The goods dock is seen at the rear of the platform with cattle pens at one end. The building adjacent to the cattle pen is the lamproom. The LSWR Type 4 signal box is seen at the end of the platform.

The Padstow goods shed is to the south of the signal box and is typical of many found in the area being an LSWR No 1. There was originally a loop around the goods siding but this
was removed in 1933.

The south end of Padstow station. The signal box and goods shed are seen on the right with the 65ft turntable installed in 1947 on the left. The water tank is seen behind the table. The brick wall built around the base of the lattice tower had a gun slit in the south wall during WW2; this was manned by a Home Guard rifleman as part of the defence of the station. The range of buildings behind the tower is Pawlyn Brothers fish curing depot and stores. A number of grounded carriages are seen.

The 65ft turntable and water tower are seen on the left with the goods shed on the right.

The 65ft turntable and adjacent water tower.

The 65ft turntable.

Little Petherick Creek bridge. The River Camel is to the right, Padstow is straight ahead and Dennis Hill is to the left.

Little Petherick Creek bridge. Padstow is to the right.




[Source: Martin James]

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