Pennington West Junction was created in 1902 when the London & North Western Railway (LNWR) was in the process of constructing a direct line between its Pennington and Bickershaw Junction line (opened 9 March 1885) and its Pennington and Tyldesley line (opened 1 September 1864). The avoiding line passed to the north of Pennington station and opened for goods services on 2 June 1903.

To control the junction an LNWR Type 4 signal box of size E. The box was constructed from timber and it was located on the north side of the line. The signal box was equipped with a 25-lever frame but initially only 13 were working. The box was inspected on 31 July 1902.

Regular passenger services ran through Pennington West Junction (travelling to and from the Tyldesley line) between 1 October 1903 and 4 May 1942. After that date holiday trains passed through until 28 October 1953.

Pennington West Junction signal box closed on 26 August 1951. Control of the junction pasased to Pennington South Junction signal box. The avoiding line closed completely on 28 October 1953 and the junction was removed. Goods services continued to use the Pennington South Junction and Bickershaw Junction line until 13 September 1965 when the section of line between Plank Lane and Pennington closed completely.

Pennington West Junction looking east in the late 1920s. Coming off the Tyldesley line is a Manchester Exchange to Blackpool Central via Leigh service. The Leigh Flash had burst its banks and flooded the line and the signalman can be seen standing outside his box watching the trains progress.

Pennington West Junction shown on a 25-inch scale map from 1905. At this point the railway was located on an embankment that passed through a large lake. The north shore of the lake can be seen at the top of the map. The double track line coming in from the south-east connected to Pennington South Junction. It was the original line that had opened on 9 March 1885. The two single lines connected to Pennington East Junction.

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